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  • purple gems

    Purple Stones In Jewelry: Best Violet Gemstones Used In Jewels

    Pondering about purple stones used in jewelry? Learn the meaning, properties, and facts about purple and violet gemstones and crystals before you buy. Do you find yourself drawn to the color purple? If so, you’re going to want to find the best purple stones in jewelry possible. Because if you have an interest in showcasing […] Read more…

  • green gemstones list

    Green Stones in Jewelry: Best Green Gemstones Used in Jewels

    Wondering about popular green stones used in jewelry? Learn about the meaning and facts of the best green gemstones and crystals before you buy. More than likely, when you hear someone talking about green stones, your mind is immediately going to go to an emerald. And while that is a beautiful green gemstone, there are […] Read more…


  • what is gold vermeil jewelry

    What Is Gold Vermeil Jewelry? Facts You Should Know Before Buying

    Curious if gold vermeil is good quality for your collection? Learn about the meanings, facts, and properties of gold vermeil jewelry before you buy. Wondering what is gold vermeil jewelry? You’re not alone. People all over the world probably haven’t even heard of it before but no worries, we’re going to explain all the facts […] Read more…

  • What is White Gold Jewelry? Fact You Need To Know

    What Is White Gold Jewelry? Meanings and Facts You Need To Know

    Wondering “what is white gold?” The popularity of this precious metal has grown over the years. Find out some facts before your next jewelry purchase. Are you a fan of white gold jewelry? If so, you’re going to love reading this post and learning more about it. And if you’re unfamiliar about white gold jewelry, […] Read more…


  • types of bracelets

    15 Most Popular Types Of Bracelets (With Examples)

    Thinking about what styles of bracelet you would like for your jewelry collection? Here are the most popular bracelet options to adorn your wrists. Are you looking to learn more about all the different types of bracelets? While you might think it’s as simple as slapping it on and wearing it with your favorite outfit, […] Read more…

  • Easiest way to clean jewelry at home with household supplies

    The Easiest Ways To Clean Your Jewelry At Home

    Cleaning your jewelry at home has never been easier. Have your jewelry looking like new again, here’s how to clean your jewelry at home. Do you have a ton of jewelry and need tips on the best ways to clean jewelry at home? If so, you’ll find some great information and tips here! It’s not […] Read more…