Learn about the meaning of the August birthstone: the Peridot gemstone. Find out fun facts about this precious gem representing those born in the month of August.

If you find yourself celebrating an August birthday every year, that means that your birthstone is the Peridot! You’ll learn all about the meaning of the August birthstone and other fun facts about Peridots in this post!

By the end, you’re going to be overly educated about everything that has to do with your birth month!

peridot necklace, meaning of the August birthstone and facts about Peridots
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The meaning of the August birthstone and other facts about Peridots

Why is peridot the August birthstone?

The Peridot is a beautiful stone that showcases the month of August perfectly. It’s known for its olive green color that just reminds you of summer once you look at it. It’s a beautiful gem that really stands out in the line up of other birthstones.

What is special about peridot?

There are quite a few reasons that the peridot is a special stone but one of the biggest ones is that it’s commonly associated with Hawaiian folklore. Since the color of the stone is light green, it also tends to have that island feel as well and for many people, they believe that it means and symbolized good fortune.

peridot crystal jewelry, meaning of the August birthstone and facts about Peridots

What is the spiritual meaning of Peridot?

The birthstone gives off good vibes all the way around. It’s known for being a positive power that really does give off good vibes and energy to those wearing it.

Are peridots expensive?

This depends on the size and clarity of the gem but you can expect that the price range for a Peridot will be anywhere from $50 on up to over $500 easily.

Who knew that the month of August was linked to such an amazing gem, right? Now that you know a little bit about the meaning of the Peridot, let’s talk about some other fun facts about the Peridot as well!

Here are just a few other facts about the August birthstone that you might find of interest.

Does Peridot glow in the dark?

Just because of the color of this gem, it does have an appearance that makes you think it is glowing in the dark a bit! While it’s not technically doing so, it certainly can look like it.

handmade peridot crystal earrings, meaning of the August birthstone and facts about Peridots

Are peridots rare?

They actually are. This isn’t a common gem that you’re going to find all over the place. If you have one, hold on to it because not everyone has the privilege!

What finger do you wear a peridot ring on?

The proper way to wear this birthstone ring is to have it displayed on your pinky finger. Although, you can easily wear it on whatever ring finger that you choose to.

Does Peridot scratch easily?

It’s actually a tougher gem so you shouldn’t really have a ton of issues with it. But in saying that, please note that it is scratchable so you should proceed with caution in wearing it around places that may do damage to the surface.

peridot ring, meaning of the August birthstone and facts about Peridots

How is peridot formed in the earth?

This is what makes the Peridot such a rare and unique gem. It’s actually formed about 25 miles or more below the Earth’s surface and the only way that it’s brought up to be found is by volcanic activity.

Where is the best peridot from?

While Peridots can be found in various places all over the world, the biggest producer of this gem is actually in the state of Arizona.

When was Peridot first discovered?

Let’s just say it was discovered a very, very long time ago! It’s known as the world’s oldest gem for a reason and there are records saying that it has been around since 1500 B.C. These same reports also note that it was first discovered in the Red Sea during that time frame.

Now that you know all these fun facts about the birthstone of August, it’s time to share some of this knowledge with all your family and friends! Some of these facts about Peridot are pretty amazing and hard to comprehend so why not stump them and watch their reactions as well?!

The more information that you can find out about your birth month, the better! You can always learn more about the month that you entered into this world and just by taking the time to understand some of these simple questions, you’re now that much more knowledgable about the Peridot stone!

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