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Gray Stones In Jewelry: Best Gray Gemstones Used In Jewels

Gray moonstone

Wanting some gray gemstones in your next jewelry purchase? Find out the best gray stones used in jewels before buying. Gray is a versatile color that works well with various hues. It’s the ideal mix of black and white, representing harmony, sophistication, and compromise. Gray fits with everything and complements most skin tones. Because gray […] Read more…

Teal Stones in Jewelry: Best Teal Gemstones Used in Jewels

Teal Stones in Jewelry, Teal Gemstones Used in Jewels

Trying to buy teal gemstones for your next jewelry purchase? Consider these popular teal colored stones for your collection. Teal gemstones are known to encourage clarity, emotional communication, and attention with their brilliant colors. As a result, they’ve been adorned with various jewelry pieces.  And when you look into them, they frequently elicit a sensation […] Read more…

What Is A Herkimer Diamond? Meaning, Uses, and Properties

what makes a Hermiker Diamond special

Wondering what Herkimer diamonds are and why they’re different? Find out its properties and what makes Herkimer diamonds special. The Herkimer diamonds are popularly known as gemstones that emanate a high-level vibrational light. These diamonds’ variants comprise a mix of the following stones:  1. Amethyst  The Amethyst stones yield peacefulness and connection with the crown […] Read more…

Purple Stones In Jewelry: Best Violet Gemstones Used In Jewels

purple gems

Pondering about purple stones used in jewelry? Learn the meaning, properties, and facts about purple and violet gemstones and crystals before you buy. Do you find yourself drawn to the color purple? If so, you’re going to want to find the best purple stones in jewelry possible. Because if you have an interest in showcasing […] Read more…

Green Stones in Jewelry: Best Green Gemstones Used in Jewels

green gemstones list

Wondering about popular green stones used in jewelry? Learn about the meaning and facts of the best green gemstones and crystals before you buy. More than likely, when you hear someone talking about green stones, your mind is immediately going to go to an emerald. And while that is a beautiful green gemstone, there are […] Read more…