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15 Most Popular Types Of Bracelets (With Examples)

types of bracelets

Thinking about what styles of bracelet you would like for your jewelry collection? Here are the most popular bracelet options to adorn your wrists. Are you looking to learn more about all the different types of bracelets? While you might think it’s as simple as slapping it on and wearing it with your favorite outfit, […] Read more…

The Easiest Ways To Clean Your Jewelry At Home

Easiest way to clean jewelry at home with household supplies

Cleaning your jewelry at home has never been easier. Have your jewelry looking like new again, here’s how to clean your jewelry at home. Do you have a ton of jewelry and need tips on the best ways to clean jewelry at home? If so, you’ll find some great information and tips here! It’s not […] Read more…

15 Most Popular Types Of Earrings With Examples Of Each

Most popular types of earrings

Discover the different types of earrings and styles to shop for. There is a variety of earrings that can suit every occasion and trend. There’s just something so sassy and fun about wearing earrings on a daily basis. Maybe it’s the way that they frame the face or highlight the outline of your head, but […] Read more…

15 Most Popular Types Of Ring Settings To Choose From (With Examples)

Type of ring settings

There are several types of ring settings to choose from. Whether it’s for an engagement ring or just a special ring, learn about the most popular kinds of ring settings here. Wearing rings is a lot of fun but did you know that there are actually several different types of ring settings to consider? When […] Read more…

15+ Most Popular Types Of Rings With Examples Of Each

woman, with fashion rings, Most Popular Types Of Rings With Examples Of Each

Trying to figure out what type of ring you want? Learn about the different types of rings to expand your jewelry knowledge. Are you a ring wearer and looking to get educated about all of your options? If so, you’re going to get some great information from this post! There are so many types of […] Read more…