Cleaning your jewelry at home has never been easier. Have your jewelry looking like new again, here’s how to clean your jewelry at home.

Do you have a ton of jewelry and need tips on the best ways to clean jewelry at home? If so, you’ll find some great information and tips here! It’s not hard to keep your jewelry shiny and clean as long as you know the proper ways to clean it.

There are actually a lot of wrong ways that people tend to try and clean their jewelry and all they end up doing is harming it and taking away the shine forever. If you don’t want that to be the case, you need to learn the proper ways to care, clean, and take care of each and every jewelry piece that you own.

The Best Ways To Clean Jewelry At Home

Easiest way to clean jewelry at home with household supplies
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While there have already been a lot of great and simple ways to clean jewelry at home mentioned above, it’s not a bad idea to remember to keep it as simple as possible.

What is the best homemade jewelry cleaner?

Believe it or not, dish soap and warm water tends to do the trick very well! It not only takes away the grime but it also cuts through grease and other things like that. Just when you thought the soap “Dawn” couldn’t have any other possible uses, you can add jewelry cleaner to the long list of things that it does as well.

Can you use vinegar to clean jewelry?

You can actually use vinegar to clean your gold jewelry but other than that, it’s not as effective on other types and pieces. The big thing to remember when you’re cleaning your jewelry with vinegar is that you need to let it soak in the vinegar for about 10 minutes or more so it breaks down the dirt and grime.

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Can you use toothpaste to clean jewelry?

You can use toothpaste as well to help dull up your jewelry. It’s not good to use on things that have crevices or holes as it will get stuck down in there and possibly make an even bigger mess to clean. You also shouldn’t use your toothpaste on items like chains or pearls.

What do jewelers use to polish rings?

Again, it comes down to a good dish soap and mild, warm water. You’ll also see a lot of people cleaning their jewelry using an old toothbrush and that’s so the bristles get in the cracks and really get your pieces of jewelry clean.

Whatever you decide to clean your jewelry with just be certain that it is soft as you don’t want to use anything that could scratch up or harm the surface.

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Do ultrasonic jewelry cleaners work?

If you have the budget for it, you can also purchase an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner like this for personal use. They are getting more and more affordable. If you have lots of jewelry to clean, then investing in this electric jewelry cleaner might be worth it. With some ultrasonic cleaning solution (or mild dish soap and water), your machine will vibrate the dirt and debris away from your jewelry.

How do professionals clean diamond rings?

Believe it or not, their cleaning process isn’t really all that different from some of the ones mentioned above. Using warm water and dish soap is really effective in making those diamonds shine!

But don’t get me wrong – the professional places will have a jewelry cleaner to try and sell you for certain. Don’t feel pressured or obligated to buy it, but you can if you want. Just know that you can easily clean your rings and jewelry at home using items that you already have at your house.

Your jewelry is important to you and honestly, probably costs a lot of money as well. Don’t waste even more time and money heading to the store and buying cleaners or other expensive items on the shelf that really won’t clean any better than a bit of dish soap and warm water.

Who says that cleaning your jewelry at home has to be fancy? As long as whatever you’re doing isn’t damaging the jewelry and you’re able to get everything clean and sparkly as you want, where is the harm?

It’s one of those times in life where you can use your knowledge to educate others as well. Some of those over-the-counter jewelry cleaners really aren’t all that great for your jewelry anyways so take this chance to tell others what works for you when you’re cleaning jewelry at home.

And if all else fails, talk to your jeweler and see what they recommend. More than likely, they know a few great tricks on how to keep your jewelry sparkly shiny and new as well!

Do you have any other tips for some of the best ways to clean jewelry at home?


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