Learn about the meaning of the March birthstone: the Aquamarine gemstone. Find out fun facts about this precious gem representing those born in the month of March.

The cool thing about learning about birthstones is that each month has its own to focus in on and explore. (most months actually have two but that’s usually split between the last few days of the month and depends on the person’s horoscope sign as well) For March babies, we’re going to focus on the March birthstone, the Aquamarine.

Were you born during the month of March? If so, it’s time to take the steps to learn about the meaning of the March birthstone and some other pretty cool facts about Aquamarines. As you can probably already guess, the Aquamarine stone is the birthstone of March.

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The meaning of the March birthstone and other facts about Aquamarines

What is the meaning of the March birthstone?

As mentioned earlier, the Aquamarine is the birthstone of March. This stone is blue in color and is associated with hope and youth. It’s a beautiful colored stone that can vary in shades of blues.

March Birthstone Meaning And Fun Facts About Aquamarine Gemstones

What is the history of the Aquamarine?

The term “aquamarine” actually stems from the Latin word meaning “water”. Hence, the name and color go perfectly hand in hand. The name was given to the beautiful stone sometime during the 1700s and it was actually something that many sailors kept on board and on hand because they thought that it might help to keep them safe from storms or other issues that they might run into while out on the seas.

Where do Aquamarines come from?

The majority of this stone tends to come from Brazil but can also be found in Russia, Nigeria, Afghanistan, and other varying countries as well.

How can you tell if an Aquamarine is real?

For the naked eye looking at the stone, you have to just look at the color. A true Aquamarine is going to be a lighter blue, almost comparable to the color of the seas.

March Birthstone Meaning And Fun Facts About Aquamarine Gemstones

Do Aquamarines fade?

Just like any jewel or stone, they will fade over time. Leaving them out in direct sunlight is the easiest way to have them start to lose or change color. One fun fact about the Aquamarine is that it’s flawless in its design. This isn’t something that you’ll find in a lot of different stones and gems so keep that one in your memory to share with others.

Also, due to the nature of the stone, the Aquamarine should be handled with care. If it gets hit hard or something along those lines, you’re risking the potential of cracking it.

Finding out the meaning of the March birthstone was fun but let’s dive into some other interesting facts about Aquamarines!

What is the rarest birthstone?

You guessed it…the rarest birthstone just so happens to be the Aquamarine. This could be due to a number of different factors but keep in mind that since it’s not flawed in any way, that tends to make it stand out just a little bit more than the other stones out there.

March Birthstone Meaning And Fun Facts About Aquamarine Gemstones

Does Aquamarine get cloudy?

It can. If you’re choosing to wear your birthstone as a ring or a piece of jewelry in other ways, there’s going to be the possibility that it’s going to get dirty. But don’t fret. All you need to do to clean your Aquamarine is wash it gently with soap and water.

What are the benefits of wearing an Aquamarine stone?

Depending on what you believe, there are some people that think and feel that there are benefits to wearing certain stones. The Aquamarine stone is said to have benefits that include, but aren’t limited to, giving people a sense of peace, strengthening communication, helping aid in physic ability, and even assisting those who are shy.

You’ll find that people tend to find spiritual and sometimes even emotional help and support through the varying birthstones and gems that are part of their lives.

Whether you believe that a stone has any sort of powers or assistance that it can give it totally up to you but it’s always fun to see what others have associated them with and to see the possibilities that they might be able to help with.

Now that you know a little bit about the March birthstone, you can showcase your Aquamarine proudly and feel confidence that you’re well educated on everything that the beautiful stone means. It’s no longer just a “stone that showcases the month of your birth” because now you know the backstory and history about it as well.

Do you have any other interesting facts to share about the Aquamarine?

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