Learn about the meaning of the May birthstone: the Emerald birthstone. Find out fun facts about this precious gem representing those born in the month of May.

Most people are familiar with the emerald but how many people do you think actually associate it with the month of May’s birthstone? You might see people wearing emeralds as a fashion statement or personal choice but some people actually choose to wear it because it showcases that they were born in the month of May.

May Birthstone Meaning And Fun Facts About Emerald Gemstones
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Follow along as we dive into some fun facts about Emeralds and also learn about the meaning of the May birthstone.

The meaning of the May birthstone and other facts about Emeralds

Why is emerald the May birthstone?

The color of the emerald is just part of the reason that it’s the birthstone of May. Its green colors tend to put you in the mood for Spring and May is a great month to kick off the want and desire for warmer weather.

What does the May birthstone symbolize?

The emerald is known to be a symbol of youth and good fortune.

May Birthstone Meaning And Fun Facts About Emerald Gemstones

Which birthstone is the best?

Obviously, since this question is making the list, you know that the answer is the emerald. Although in saying that, that’s totally an opinion and absolutely based on the coloring and how many people find the emerald to be quite beautiful and stunning.

Do emeralds bring good luck?

When it comes to the luck of the emerald, different cultures believe different things. The Chinese culture actually believed that wearing your emerald on a certain day of the week was a great way to set yourself up for the receiving of luck.

Of course, good luck is all in the eye of the receiver so the definition of luck can vary from person to person.

If you’re in agreement that the emerald is a beautiful birthstone, you’re not alone. But besides being lovely to look at, you’ll find that there are some other pretty cool aspects about it as well.

May Birthstone Meaning And Fun Facts About Emerald Gemstones

What healing properties does emerald have?

It is said that emerald can have a healing property on emotions as well as the heart, too. There is even speculation that if the emerald changes colors while the person is wearing it then it’s an indicator that they were unfaithful to their partner.

What color emerald is best?

Even though the May birthstone is known to be green, there are actually a few different colors that an emerald can be. Most want an emerald that is close to green or blue as that is what they’re most known to look like but the truth of the matter is that the most valuable emerald is one that is actually transparent.

May Birthstone Meaning And Fun Facts About Emerald Gemstones

How do you know if an emerald is real?

Hard to believe but there are people out there that will try to pass off a fake emerald as a real one. Instead of falling for that trick out losing out on some good money, why not educate yourself on how you can spot a real emerald from a fake one?

In order to determine if an emerald is real, it’s really not all that hard to do. All you need to do it take your emerald and hold it up close to some sort of light.

If you see a bunch of different colors that look like the rainbow, then that is your clue that the emerald that you’re holding in your hand isn’t real. A true emerald won’t show other colors when holding it up to the light.

Are emeralds expensive?

Most people don’t think of emeralds when they’re thinking about expensive stones, but did you know that emeralds are actually pricier and more expensive than other stones. (and that includes diamonds as well!)

Now that you’re educated about the May birthstone and learned a few other interesting facts about emeralds, congratulate yourself on the fact that you’ve taken the time to know a ton of great information about your beautiful, green birthstone. Most people know what their birthstone is but very few people take the time to learn about the meeting, origin, and how it can be present in their lives.

If you happen to have emeralds in your house, you can now test them out and make certain that they’re really as well! Showcase your beautiful May birthstone and wear it proudly!

Do you have any other interesting facts about emeralds to share?

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