Thinking about what styles of bracelet you would like for your jewelry collection? Here are the most popular bracelet options to adorn your wrists.

Are you looking to learn more about all the different types of bracelets? While you might think it’s as simple as slapping it on and wearing it with your favorite outfit, there are actually a lot of choices in bracelet styles out there! This post will go over the most common types of bracelets and from there, you can make your own choice to pick your very own style.

If you’ve ever wondered if different styles of bracelets have different names, you were absolutely correct! Here are some of the top types of bracelets to learn more about.

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Most Popular Types Of Bracelets (With Examples)

These different types of bracelets are in no particular order.

1. Cuff Bracelet
A cuff bracelet is like it sounds, it’s typically in a cuff (c-shape) that fits on your wrist. It doesn’t close all the way around and has an opening on the back.

2. Tennis Bracelet
This bracelet actually earned its name from a tennis player back in the day. When a bracelet flew off her wrist during play, the tennis bracelet was born. Typically its a delicate looking bracelet that has a clasp to keep it in place. It might or might not have diamonds or jewels on it as well.

3. Charm Bracelet
Charm bracelets are so fun and customizable as well! The great thing about a charm bracelet is that it can be changed out and altered all the time. The basic part of a charm bracelet is the chain and then the owner can choose any and all charms to add or take off that they want.

4. Pearl Bracelet
Who wouldn’t want a pearl bracelet? It’s the perfect way to dress up an outfit or add a touch of elegance quickly. The bracelet is usually made up of many pearls, all in a nice circle that fits snugly on the wrist.

5. Chain bracelet
A chain bracelet basically looks like a chain. It’s meant to be simple and can come in gold or silver. It’s also meant to stay plain and not have anything added to it at all.

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6. Affirmation bracelet
Affirmation bracelets are meant to give words of love, wisdom, or inspiration. These can be metal, beads, or even something engraved on the inside of another type of bracelet.

7. Slider Bracelet
Think of the slider bracelet as a one size fits all type bracelet. The clasp can slide and be fitted to just about any size wrist or space. It’s usually a more delicate looking bracelet as well.

8. Bead Bracelet
Bring on the beads! The great thing about bead bracelets is that they’re all totally different. They can easily be made in the comfort of your own home and are quite popular as BFF (best friends forever) bracelets, too. The beads might be large or small and are certain to be a wide variety of colors.

9. Bangle Bracelet
The meaning of a bangle bracelet can be for a single one or multiple ones all together on the wrist. They basically are round and the hand slides through it as there isn’t a different opening. The more bangle bracelets that you have on your wrist, the bigger statement that you can easily make.

10. Leather bracelet
Made of leather, these bracelets are actually quite common as a unisex bracelet as well. Some people even use their leather bracelets to add a few drops of essential oils on them to keep them smelling fresh all day long.

Leather bracelets can be plain or have designs on them as well.

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11. Wrap Bracelets
These types of bracelets are unique and fun and typically wrap up the wrist or arm. They add a fun look for a night out are can have a few beads sometimes on them as well.

12. Multi-Stretch bracelets
There’s no type of closure or clasp to these bracelets as they’re basically made using an elastic or stretchy type material. They’ll likely have some sort of beads on them as well to give them a fun and funky look.

13. Trendy Bracelets
You’ll see some bracelet styles come and go with the trend. For those in the nautical mood, anchor bracelets might the style for you. If you’re feeling inspired by the beach, then seashell bracelets might fit in with your collection. Perhaps you are supporting a movement or program such as Breast Cancer Month or a certain club or group, then rubber bracelets are a great way to show your support.

14. Fitness Bracelet
There are many type of fitness or exercise type bracelets that track all sorts of things. You can track your steps, heartbeat, distance traveled and more. When purchasing a fitness bracelet, consider how comfortable the strap will be during your workout.

15. Diamond or Crystal Bracelet
You generally see diamond or crystal bracelets as gifts. They are have some or are all diamonds or gemstones. They can be of particular high value. If they are made of crystals, you can still replicate the look of fine jewelry.

Now that you know about all the types of bracelets, how many of these do you already own? You might have your favorite types to wear with your fashion but maybe it’s time to step outside your comfort zone and try something new!

Do you have a favorite type of bracelet from the list above?


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