There are several types of ring settings to choose from. Whether it’s for an engagement ring or just a special ring, learn about the most popular kinds of ring settings here.

Wearing rings is a lot of fun but did you know that there are actually several different types of ring settings to consider? When you’re choosing a ring, you can actually pick the way that your stone or gem is going to look and be placed as well. While it’s true that a lot of rings might look the same, there are actually a lot of various ring settings out there to consider. In this post, we’ll go over some of the various types so that you can be educated on the best choice for your finger.

Most Popular Types of Ring Settings

Types of ring settings
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What exactly is a ring setting?

It’s really just like it sounds. It’s what holds in your stone or gem and presents it to the world.

How much are ring settings?

They can vary quite drastically in price but the expensive part of your ring actually isn’t about the setting but more about the gem that your ring setting is holding.

Typically, you’ll see a price that is the total price for the ring and not really separated out.

Can you change the setting on a ring?

Yes, you can. If you have a stone or gem that you love but aren’t crazy about how it’s placed on its current setting or ring, just find a jeweler that can change it out. It’s that simple. (of course, in saying that you’ll have to make certain that the stone is shaped properly for the new ring setting, etc.)

Now that you know the answers to some of the more common questions regarding ring settings, let’s dive in and talk about all the various ring settings that you might want to consider.

There isn’t just one type of ring setting. And to be honest, this is a good thing! Can you even imagine a world where every single ring looked exactly the same?

Rings are important to people and often symbolize different meanings or memories so being able to personalize a precious stone or gem and have it in the perfect ring setting is a great option to have.

Type of ring settings
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Types of ring settings list

1. Bezel Ring Setting
This type of setting is typically one that sets higher and highlights the focal point of the diamond. It also surrounds the diamond with metal so that it’s held in place by the silver outline.

2. Prong Ring Setting
The prong ring setting is one of the most common types of ring settings you’ll find. You’ll see this a lot of engagement rings and wedding rings and it also looks like a little “metal hand” holding the diamond up on the air. While this is a beautiful look, it doesn’t protect the stone very well so that is something to keep in mind when making your choice.

The more prongs you have the more secure your stone is. However, the more prongs you have, the more it could distract from the stone.

3. Tiffany Ring Setting
This is a classic ring setting that has a solitaire propped up by six prongs that are all of equal distance. The symmetry and simplicity of this Tiffany rings setting make it a timeless piece of jewelry. As you may have guessed, the Tiffany ring setting comes from Tiffany & co.

4. Channel Ring Setting
This type of ring setting is one where the stones or gems are usually all lines up in a row, one after the other usually in a track. They flow together and are usually one with the band, meaning that they’re not sticking up like other stones can and do on rings.

5. Pave Ring Setting
This ring setting has a similar look to the channel ring setting however, the difference is the smaller stones or diamonds are not in a “track”. The smaller stones are propped up by tiny prongs.

6. Illusion Ring Setting
The illusion ring setting is created to be just that, an illusion. The way that it surrounds and holds the stone has an effect that can make the diamond look larger than what it truly is.

7. Tension Ring Setting
With this type of ring setting, you won’t notice any type of “holder” of the stone. In fact, the way that it’s created makes it look like the “tension” of the ring is what is keeping your stone in place.

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8. Halo Ring Setting
A good way to recognize this ring setting is to think of it like a halo surrounding the moon but with the “moon” being a big diamond in the middle and a ton of other little diamonds being placed around it on the outer edges. The smaller surrounding diamonds or stones can make the center stone appear larger than it is.

9. Cluster Ring Setting
This type of ring setting can be a more affordable choice (but still beautiful!). A cluster ring setting has several stones combined or fused together to create a “cluster” of stones or to give the illusion of one giant stone.

10. Three stone setting
This three-stone ring was traditionally used as an anniversary ring (the three stone represent the past, present, and future). In recent years, the three stone ring has been used more for engagement rings. As the name indicated, there are three stones mounted onto the ring. They can be of the same size. More commonly, you see the center stone being the largest, flaked by two equal-sized smaller stones.

11. Bar Setting
The style of this ring setting is similar to the channel and pave. However the stones on the ring are separated by a small vertical bar.You find this modern setting most common in wedding rings.

12. Flush Setting
For those looking for something more subtle, a flush ring setting might be just the fit. In this ring setting, the stones or diamonds are securely nestled flushed again the ring band.This style is more popular in men’s wedding bands.

13. Split Shank Setting
This modern twist on engagement rings splits the band in two on either sides. The split only happens partially down the band and the ends are supposed to hold your stone. This type of setting draws even more attention to your diamond.

14. Vintage Setting
You’ll see many vintage rings with ornate or unique type settings. These types of ring setting can be bespoke distinct.

15. Custom Setting
There are so many ring options there, don’t limit yourself to traditional jewelers. Your ring can have a wire setting or other unique touches. Virtually anything can be created nowadays.

Who knew that there were so many choices to think about when trying to decide on a ring setting?! The next time that you’re looking to upgrade your current ring or even purchase a new one, make a plan to study all the different ring setting options to see what is going to highlight the stone or gem the best.

Do you have a favorite ring setting from the list?


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Most popular types of ring settings to choose from, different ring jewelry styles #ring #rings #engagementring #weddingring #jewelry