Trying to figure out what type of ring you want? Learn about the different types of rings to expand your jewelry knowledge.

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Are you a ring wearer and looking to get educated about all of your options? If so, you’re going to get some great information from this post! There are so many types of rings that you can wear and own and we’ll break them all down for you here!

Guide to Different Types of Rings

Before diving into all the types of rings, let’s talk about a little bit more history behind what rings really are all about.

What are rings used for?

Rings are basically used as a way to showcase stones, gems, or signify something that many people wear on their fingers or on a chair or necklace around their neck. They’re meant to be a piece of jewelry that makes a statement and draws in the eye.

When did the wedding ring start?

A very long time ago! There has been evidence found that shows rings have been around for thousands and thousands of years. They might look a little bit different now than they used to but they’re still the same concept.

More than likely, you probably have a ring or two in your possession. And if you do, that’s awesome! But it’s time to figure out the different types of rings so that you can know what you’re wearing, or wanting to wear!

This list will give you an idea of just how many different types and styles of rings that there are.

Types of Rings

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1. Cocktail Ring
Cocktail rings are large and in charge and meant to bring in the eye. People wear them to parties or when they’re wanting to really dress over-the-top.

2. Signet
If you have a ring that is engraved or has letters or possibly even initials on it, this is what a signet ring looks like. Men tend to have rings like this a lot.

3. Gemstone ring
This type of ring basically encompasses all the different types of stones or gem rings out there.

4. Midi/Pinky Ring
Typically, this is a smaller ring or even a band that you wear on your pinky.

5. Stacking Ring
A stacking ring is usually two or more rings that are stacked on each other to create a tall look or feel.

6. Pave Ring
This type of ring is one that has the surface of the ring covered in small gems or diamonds.

7. Anniversary Ring
As the name states, the anniversary ring symbolizes your wedding anniversary.

8. Wedding Ring
Symbolizing the unity of marriage, this is what is given on wedding days and worn for the duration of the marriage.

9. Engagement Ring
An engagement ring is a ring that is given to someone to show them that the giver is wanting to marry them in the future.

10. Claddagh ring
This is a type of ring that usually means friendship and has two hands holding a heart in the middle.

11. Cluster Ring
A cluster ring is a true showstopper. A typical cluster ring is known to have a large gem in the middle and then have smaller stones “clustered” all around. Typically it’s of diamonds and gemstones.

12. Eternity Ring
The eternity ring symbolizes the fact that the love is never-ending between the special couple. This is also a ring that is sometimes given on anniversaries or special dates in a relationship.

13. Rubber Rings (Rings for exercise or work environment)
Also known as silicone rings, these types of rings are typically worn by individuals who are afraid of losing their real ring while traveling or worried about breaking or hurting their ring while they’re at work. It’s not usually a permanent ring but one that is worn temporarily.

14. Birthstone Rings
These are rings that showcase off the birthstone of the month that the person was born in.

15. Band
Bands are simple rings that are the same width throughout. They have no major stone or adornment. 

16. Three stone ring
These types of rings have three stones: either all the same size or the largest stone is set in the middle of the two smaller stones. These types of rings are most common in engagement of anniversary rings as they represent the past, present, and future. They can also represent other things such as the number of children in a family or the Christian meaning of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  

17. Promise Ring
This type of ring is given to the recipient as to make a promise. Example would a commitment to virginity or perhaps commitment to another person. 

Can you believe how many different types of rings that there are? And this isn’t even the entire list! These are just some of the most popular rings that people tend to own and wear.

From this list, how many of these rings do you own? And out of the ones that you own, how many of them do you actually wear? It’s so much fun to see your number and then ask yourself why you aren’t wearing some of them more often!

Are there any other types of rings that you own that should be added to the list?


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