Learn about the meaning of the November birthstone: the Topaz gemstone. Find out fun facts about this precious gem representing those born in the month of November.

What do ya know? Your birthday month is the same month as Thanksgiving, but we’re not going to let that holiday overshadow your big day! In this post, we’re going to dive in and talk about the meaning of the November birthstone and also bring up some other fun facts about Topaz. You’re going to get some awesome information here that you won’t find anywhere else.

topaz earrings, The meaning of the November birthstone and other facts about Topaz
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The meaning of the November birthstone and other facts about Topaz

Why is Topaz the November birthstone?

Topaz was chosen as the November birthstone because of its beautiful and calming color. It almost looks like a combination of the changing fall leaves and a nice evening sunset. It’s truly a stunning gem.

What does Topaz symbolize?

Topaz actually symbolizes several things and some of the main things are affection and love.

Is Topaz a lucky stone?

While it’s technically not a lucky stone, it does have some really great things that people tend to think that it helps with. Many people believe that the Topaz has the ability to redirect the energy in your body to the places that it needs to go. It’s also known to bring joy and health and can bring about good fortune as well.

topaz bangle, The meaning of the November birthstone and other facts about Topaz

Is it good luck to wear your birthstone?

It’s up to you and what you think. It’s fun to wear your birthstone ring and if you feel that it brings you some sort of luck, then so be it. Many people feel that it’s not really luck but more of a type of confidence or awareness that happens when one wears their birthstone ring.

Can Topaz be worn every day?

It sure can be! If you have your birthstone set in a ring or a necklace, there’s no reason that it can’t be worn every single day. Just like anything else, take care of it and be aware of it so that you don’t lose it or misplace it.

Can Topaz be worn in silver?

Absolutely. This is the great thing about Topaz. You can wear it in gold or silver, whatever you want to choose. It’s a versatile stone that doesn’t have to be with one or the other. However, in saying that, some people prefer the look more with a gold piece since it’s a yellowish/gold color as well.

blue topaz jewelry, The meaning of the November birthstone and other facts about Topaz

In which finger should Topaz be worn?

The proper ring ringer to wear your Topaz ring on is the index finger of the right hand.

See? You were told that there were a ton of interesting facts out there to learn about Topaz! And just when you think that you can’t possibly learn anymore…here are a few more things that we find to be important enough to share.

How do you clean Topaz?

Cleaning Topaz isn’t that hard. All you need is some soap and warm water. Once you have those two simple ingredients, just place the ring in it and let it soak for about 30 minutes. This will loosen up any grime or build up and make the cleaning process a whole lot easier.

One the time is up, remove the Topaz and gently scrub away anything leftover that you don’t like. It’ll be shiny and sparkly, just like new!

How strong is Topaz?

It’s actually really pretty tough. This is good because that means it’s harder to scratch but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Be careful with it just in case.

The meaning of the November birthstone and other facts about Topaz

Does Topaz fade in sunlight?

Leaving your Topaz out in the sunlight will have it start to eventually fade. The UV rays will make it change color or fade out if you’re not careful and aware.

Does Topaz get cloudy?

After some time, it will start to get cloudy and become dull. This will happen no matter how many times you clean it or shine it. It’s just a part of how the stone begins to show signs of wear.

After reading all these interesting Topaz facts, you’re probably feeling as though you have a bit of information overload. Don’t worry, this is just a few fun pieces of information about your November birthstone that are just good to have in your back pocket.

You never know when a game of trivia might break out and the winning question just so happens to be about Topaz. If that ever happens, rest easy knowing that you’re well prepared to give the winning answer!

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