Pondering about purple stones used in jewelry? Learn the meaning, properties, and facts about purple and violet gemstones and crystals before you buy.

Do you find yourself drawn to the color purple? If so, you’re going to want to find the best purple stones in jewelry possible.

Because if you have an interest in showcasing that color specifically, why not figure out what are the best purple gemstones used in jewels? Once you figure out the answer to that question, it’s as simple as making your own choice and creating a jewelry piece that you’re going to love!

Purple Stones In Jewelry: Best Purple Gemstones Used In Jewels

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What jewelry stones are purple?

Since you really only see purple stones that are typically set as birthstones, it’s hard to imagine another purple stone that you’ll find used in jewelry. But believe it or not, there are options out there! Some of the best purple gemstones used in jewels are:

Purple Gemstone List

  • Amethyst
  • Iolite
  • Aventurine
  • Tanzanite
  • Rubellite
  • Purple Sapphire
  • Violet Spinel
  • Purple Diamond
  • Purple Chalcedony
  • Purple Jade
  • Purple Fluorite
  • Purple Tourmaline
  • Purple Jasper

These purple stones will also vary in color depending on how they look when the light hits them. Some will be darker and some will be a lot lighter in coloring and can actually appear different shades depending on the cut and the way that the light hits it as well.

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Is there a purple gem?

Amethyst, sapphire, and tanzanite are the main purple gems that are going to be the most common and used in jewelry. That’s not to say that there aren’t other options, but those are likely going to be rarer and cost a whole lot more money.

What does a purple stone represent?

Typically when people start talking about what a stone represents, they’re referring more to crystals than gems. However, since we’re talking about purple stones, crystals could be lumped into that conversation at some point in time.

For those who believe that stones have a meaning or represent something, purple crystals are a type of stone that is said to give off good energy and create an overall relaxed vibe. They also signify royalty and magic, too.

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Are purple stones valuable?

They can be, yes. The value of purple stones comes from a variety of different aspects but the main being the richness in the coloring of the stone and also the size and quality.

You might also hear people refer to the stone by the coloring of the purple. For example, “grape”, “violet”, and “lilac” are all words that people use to talk about purple stones but are referring to the darkness of the coloring as well.

Why is amethyst so cheap?

This is a little bit of a trick question. Since it is the birthstone for the month of February, you’re going to find it and see it everywhere. However, there are many cuts of amethyst that aren’t cheap at all and are actually considered to be quite rare.

Most times when you see a birthstone ring for cheap, there’s a very high probability that it’s a copy of a stone and not the actual real stone in the ring. (Important question to ask before paying a bunch of money for a fake stone!)

One other big factor to keep in mind is that you should become educated about what stones are real. The last thing that you want to do is to pay money for a fake purple stone.

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How can you tell if an amethyst stone is real?

Visual inspection on your part is going to be required and you’re going to want to look at the stone and see if there are any bubbles or specs inside the gem. If so, stay away as it’s more than likely, not real. Also, a real purple gemstone should have consistent coloring throughout so if it doesn’t like that it does, this is another key indicator to pass.

When you’re in the market for purple stones for your jewelry, those mentioned above at the beginning of the article are going to be the ones to look out for. Make certain you do your research and take your time to assess and determine if the quality matches the cost of the stone.

You will also want to be certain that you find a purple stone that is the shade of purple that you’re wanting as well so that it goes with your overall look and want. Talking to a jeweler about cuts and coloring options is going to be your best bet for securing a purchase that is valid and real.

When it comes to purple stones in jewelry, what color purple do you feel suits you the best?

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