Learn about the meaning of the September birthstone: the Sapphire gemstone. Find out fun facts about this precious gem representing those born in the month of September.

Everyone knows that the Sapphire is the September birthstone and to say it’s a beautiful stone is truly an understatement. The dark blue intensity of the the blue sapphire is certainly striking, but did you know sapphires come in other colors?

Even though we’re all aware that this is the stone of that month, do you truly know the meaning of the September birthstone? There are so many great facts about Sapphires to learn!

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The meaning of the September birthstone and other facts about Sapphires

Why is sapphire the birthstone for September?

It was chosen to be the birthstone of September because of the dark blue color that represents trust. Maybe it means that those who are born during the month of September are very loyal and trustworthy individuals.

What do sapphires symbolize?

Sapphires actually symbolize a lot of different things but one of the biggest meanings that they have is that they are known to protect those who are close to you from harm.

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Can you wear a sapphire every day?

Absolutely. If it’s your birthstone, wear it proudly. Just know that there is always a chance of it scratching or getting lost so please keep that in mind. There are actually engagement rings and wedding rings that have Sapphire in them so there’s no doubt that these would be worn daily.

What is a sapphire worth?

It really all depends on the color. While the blue Sapphire is the birthstone of September, there are other colors like yellow and pink as well. The worth of a Sapphire can be very inexpensive to over the top costly and it all depends on the size of the stone.

How do you pick a sapphire?

If you’re trying to pick out the best Sapphire, you need to find one that you can see through clearly. If there are any imperfections that are collecting your eye, move on and let that one be.

Who knew that there were so many fun things to learn about the September birthstone, right?! But wait – there are plenty more fun facts about Sapphires to keep in mind!

rings with sapphires, meaning of the September birthstone and other facts about Sapphires

Where are sapphires found?

Even though Sapphires aren’t considered to be “rare”, you can actually only find them in select locations around the world. Sri Lanka, Kashmir, and Burma are the top places to find Sapphires but you might also find a few in India and Vietnam as well.

Does Sapphire break easily?

It actually doesn’t. It’s a really, really strong stone that isn’t known to break or scratch easily. This is why most people will wear them on a daily basis because they don’t have to worry about damaging it.

How do you care for a sapphire?

Taking care of a Sapphire is relatively easy. All you need to do is have a little bit of dish soap and some warm water to get it all nice and clean. Don’t use any type of weird cleaners or lotions on it though because you never know what could harm it or start to turn the gem cloudy.

sapphire earrings, meaning of the September birthstone and other facts about Sapphires

What is the hardest gemstone in the world?

It’s actually too close to call when it comes to deciding what the hardest gemstone in the world is. The Sapphire, Diamond, and Ruby are all three up there on the list. Talk about quite the powerful trio of gems!

What is the best cut for sapphires?

When it comes to how a Sapphire is cut and shaped, you’ll notice that most of them are shaved in either an oval or a circle. The reason for this is that it showcases the gem in a way that shows off the natural shine and beauty. This doesn’t mean that any of the other cuts that you might have seen are wrong, it just means that it’s a more unique cut than most.

Having the Sapphire as your birthstone is a great gem to proudly wear! It’s a tough, hard gem that is certain to be an eye-catcher no matter how or when you wear it.

While the color of the September birthstone is blue, keep your eyes peeled to see if you have the knowledge to spot some of the other Sapphire colors out there. It really is such a beautiful stone to keep on display.

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