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What Is Black Sapphire Jewelry? Meaning And Facts You Should Know

loose black sapphire gemstones

Browsing around to know what is black sapphire jewelry? Learn the meaning and benefits of black sapphire gemstones used in jewelry. You’re probably familiar with sapphires, but did you know that black sapphire jewelry was really a “thing”? Believe it or not, it’s is and it’s quite a beautiful stone that would look lovely in […] Read more…

Yellow Stones In Jewelry: Best Golden Gemstones Used In Jewels

loose yellow and golden gemstones

Curious about yellow stones in jewelry? Golden gemstones offer a unique and beautiful jewel for your accessories. Learn about yellow gems and gold crystals here. Do you have any jewelry pieces in your home that contain yellow stones? If so, how educated are you about them? If you’re looking for ways to identify the best […] Read more…

What Is Pink Sapphire Jewelry? Meaning And Facts You Should Know

pink sapphire gemstone

What are pink sapphires? Consider the meaning and facts about pink sapphire jewelry before making your next purchase. There’s no denying that pink sapphire jewelry is stunning but do you know much more about it than that? The truth is, there are so many cool facts about sapphires that this post is going to educate […] Read more…

What Are Black Diamonds? Facts You Should Know

black diamond engagement ring

Learn all about black diamonds and their history and meaning here. Check out some fast facts about fancy black diamonds you might not have known before. Black diamonds are pretty cool. They’re starting to become a lot more popular as well and are picking up steam for wedding rings, necklaces, and other beautiful types of […] Read more…

The Best Fake Diamond Options (That Actually Look Real!)

loose diamonds

Fake diamonds (also called faux diamonds, imitation diamonds, or simulated diamonds) are a great option for those that want the look without the price tag. Learn some of the options for the best fake diamonds here. Are you wondering what the best fake diamonds (that actually look real!) are? If you’re needing a different way […] Read more…