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What Is 10K Gold Jewelry? Facts You Should Know Before Buying

10K gold jewelry

What is 10K gold jewelry and is 10k gold any good? Learn some facts about this precious metal before making your next gold purchase. If you’ve noticed the stamp “10K” on the inside of your jewelry, you might find yourself wondering what it means. Believe it or not, it’s a sign that there’s gold in […] Read more…

What Does 925 Mean On Gold Jewelry? Facts You Should Know

925 stamped on jewelry, what does 925 mean?

When you see 925 etched on to your gold jewelry, you may be wondering what the significance is. Find out here what 925 stamped on gold jewelry means. Have you ever looked down and noticed the numbers 925 printed on your gold jewelry? If so, it’s about time that you figure out what it means! […] Read more…

The Beginner’s Guide To Precious Metals Used In Jewelry

Check out your choices of precious metals used in jewelry. Learn about the traditional gold, silver, and platinum as well as some more modern metal options. If you’re a fan of all things jewelry, then you know that certain metals are used for certain pieces of jewelry for actual reasons. In the creative world, these […] Read more…