Curious about crystals, especially calcite? Learn more about the meaning, uses, and healing properties of calcite crystals.

Calcite originates from the ancient Greek term calyx and the Latin word chalix. Chalix is lime in English. The lime color in calcite is famously referred to as crystallized limestone. 

Generally, calcite refers to a carbonate mineral element with a strong amplifier and energy cleansing. It drives away negative vibes from the surroundings. Also, it attracts single prism-formed energy. This energy produces a group of sub-energies to cleanse and energize all chakra elements. 

Additionally, calcite is the medium that makes a strong connection between emotions and intelligence. It’s an excellent stone source for studying arts and sciences. Not to mention, it brings mind calmness, clarity, and objectivity in judgment, enhancing wisdom and memory. 

Calcite Meaning, Uses, and Healing Properties

Where can you find calcite?

Calcite is most frequently found in marine animals’ shells and hard portions in sedimentary environments, especially in shallow marine habitats. Additionally, hot springs and hydrothermal veins contain it.


Calcite’s uses comprise color mindfulness and physical healing. The different colors of calcite inspire people to feel good and think better thoughts. Additionally, the calming sight of calcite somehow heals certain physical health-related conditions after having brought serenity to people’s minds and senses. 

It is available in different color versions. The color of this stone ranges from clear ice to bright orange citrus. 

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Color Healing

Honey Calcite 

Honey calcite is otherwise known as the confidence stone. Additionally, it compliments confidence, self-value, and courage among people. Honey calcite is the key to equipping users to activate their third-eye chakras and transmit communication with spiritual beings. 

It can also boost the energy other crystals bring about. Finally, this stone is the source of positive vibes, harmony, and peace. 

Yellow Calcite

Yellow calcite is also known as Ambronite. It is opaque to clear in form and transforms into a strong color of lemon yellow from light yellow. 

This stone is referred to as the “teacher stone.” The energies this stone brings about are learning and teaching successfully. Therefore, yellow calcite normally makes a good companion when studying and teaching in schools. Additionally, yellow calcite maintains the upkeep of healthy physical energy gently. This may be able to get people out of depression. 

Yellow calcite inspires users to acquire inner wisdom, too. This wisdom is better kept in the hearts and minds to yield comfort and reassurance among users. 

Generally, yellow calcite is available in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Iceland, Belgium, Brazil, Peru, and the USA. It is the source that bridges the connection between earthly and spiritual beings, such as people’s spiritual guides. 

White Calcite

This stone brings purity of thought. The pureness in thought tends to be associated with good intentions toward other people. White calcite may be the source of inspiration that brings about good karma. Karma refers to the principle that what goes around comes around. Acts of kindness are returned, even without the doers realizing it. 

Boosts Physical Functionality

This stone boosts the proper functioning of the kidneys, pancreas, and spleen. Calcite gets rid of bone calcification. It produces a balance of calcium absorption within the bodily systems, bringing strength to the skeleton and the joints. Calcite relieves intestinal and other skin health conditions. In turn, this enables healthier blood clotting and tissue healing. 

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Healing Properties

Calcite balances the nutritional elements of both the body and mind. The harmonious combination of these elements produces happier people.

Promotes Honesty

The blue calcite connects harmoniously to the throat chakra. Generally, the throat chakra is that part of the body that drives people only to tell the truth. The symbol of truth-telling is a vision stone like blue calcite. This stone is a source that’ll help people make a firm decision, to be honest. 

Energizes People 

Cobalt calcite is the source of a substantial amount of energy people can use. Cobalto calcite calms the monkey’s mind and stops disaster thinking before it’s too late. 

Unyields Memories 

The black calcite can open people up to reminiscing past events. Reminiscing on these events equips people to let the integrated memories go, so moving on becomes a reality. Moving on is

important to live life to the fullest. It enables people to overcome trauma and stress. 

Helps in Meditating 

The golden calcite is the source of effective meditation. This stone heals the solar plexus and crown chakras. Normally, when people are nervous, their stomachs become uneasy and growl. Nervous people tend to have agitated thoughts, too. 

Makes People Become Gratitude and Abundant

The green calcite is the stone of gratitude and importance. This stone filters boredom and lets go of monotony. 

Nurtures Creativity and Sexuality 

Orange calcite makes people excited. It inspires people to act creatively or think about creative thoughts. This stone creates a harmonious balance of feeling beautiful inside and out. Uplifting self-esteem is one way of preventing depression. 

Develops Feelings of Hope and Safety 

The Mangano calcite is people’s lucky charm in driving away entities that may cause potential harm. This stone can help them find forgiveness and acceptance when angry at others or in specific situations. People can never find peace without forgiveness and acceptance. 

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What is Calcite Meaning, Uses, and Healing Properties