Interested in finding out what Jade is? Learn more about this crystal stone and the meaning of Jade, along with its uses and properties.

Jade is a crystal stone famous for its cool or light green shades. This crystal stone is the users’ inspiration for motivational forces, harmony, love, healing, and other feel-good emotions. Jade is mined in multiple countries. It’s immediately available for sale in many parts of the world. 

However, Jade’s price has increased over time due to its texture, hardness, and high-class condition in the Chinese retail market. 

What Is Jade Meaning, Uses, and Healing Properties


Jade is more than just what’s referred to as the “green stone.” The stone’s shades of color comprise more than just one. Generally, the following are the two types of minerals that popularly comprise Jade:


Nephrite refers to the calcium magnesium silicate, with a texture hardness of six on the Mohs scale measurement. This mineral is typically present in Australia, Canada, China, New Zealand, Russia, Taiwan, and the United States. Nephrite jade stones come in shades of green, yellow, black, brown, grey, and white. 


The simplest and quickest way to distinguish the differences between nephrite and this stone is the effect of tapping the stones with hard objects. Nephrite normally generates a chime. Meanwhile, jadeite won’t generate these sounds. 

Other themes of Jade today are eternity, high moral values, and goodness of the heart. These meanings imposed on Jade have long been an object of inspiration for the Chinese, Egyptians, Maori, and Aztecs. Jade has always been a crystal stone that primarily holds value in the condition of dead people. 

Some earlier cultures held Jade in this position and even buried jade-made objects with the deceased individuals. In some burial cultural traditions, Jade’s green stone represents the heart. 

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Jade Meaning, Uses, and Healing Properties

Jade’s Cost

Jade crystal stone’s price varies on the quality of each sample item. Jadeite, otherwise known as Burmese imperial, is the most pricey variant of jade stone. This stone’s color and quality are the determinant factors of its price value. 

A Dream Stone 

Jade is a leading source for coming up with inspiring dreams. It drives you to let go of negative emotions, specifically irritability. Releasing these emotions is pertinent to living life to the fullest without negative vibes. 


Reminds Users of Mother Earth and Her Healing Vibrations 

The jade stone has a powerful connection with the outgoing flow of healing vibrations. These vibrations are the sources of healing, caring, supply replenishment, and emotional support. Additionally, these components are the keys to equipping you to reach and connect with the components of higher love. 

Cleaning Your Jade Crystal Initiates the Process of Activation 

Jade doesn’t safe-keep negative vibrations and elements. Cleansing this stone, though, aids in letting you spread international energy and love on it. 

Brings Abundance and Luck 

The global community frequently sees Jade as a symbol of Chinese medicine and physical and emotional healing. However, the serene effects of Jade have scattered to many different parts of the world. New Zealand tribes usually rely on the magical powers of Jade to offer blessings to the water spirits. 

Spaniards fondly refer to Jade as Piedra de Hijada, or in English, Stone of the Loin. These people value Jade as a valuable charm for being healers of bladder and kidney disorders. Jade is commonly integrated into jewelry, statues, and subliminal deities. 

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Jade Meaning, Uses, and Properties

Healing Properties 

The green color of Jade is peaceful, heartwarming, and joyous looking. When people feel good emotions, they also tend to feel good physically. Feeling good is the key to staying biologically healthy. 

Similarly, jades of other colors heal people’s overall well-being like their green-colored counterparts. 

It Brings Peace and Lets You Reflect 

Blue-colored Jade strikes a resemblance with the color of the sky. When people see the sky, they often think of spiritual or heavenly beings and a blessing of peace from God above. Owning blue Jade gives you the peace of mind to reflect, meditate, and positively reminisce. This stone is a tool for keeping your thoughts organized and in perspective. 

Staring at the blue jade crystal stone is like looking deep within the spirit of a still and calming water pond. Nevertheless, you’re not bothered by the ripples in this body of water. Deep inside, you know the serenity you feel will somehow make everything fine. 

Filters Distraction from Your Mind 

The pale complexion of white Jade is a symbol of beautiful purity. With this said, this color’s jade stone removes thoughts that steal away your ability to focus. White Jade is a useful charm or aid for making firm decisions. 

Gives You Bold Energy 

Red-colored Jade is a source of a substantial amount of chi and moves your soul to feel emotions that matter. Feeling these emotions empowers you to eliminate the fears holding you back from being bold and exploring life opportunities. 

Safeguards Your Life from Dangers 

Black Jade is otherwise known as a stone of dark midnight hues. In addition to providing protection, black Jade is an aid that equips users to remain grounded. Black Jade nurtures you so that you don’t get entangled in unhealthy patterns of thoughts. 

Cleans the Chakras 

Purple-colored Jade is fitting to own during the spring season. This stone does spring cleaning of the chakras and the spirits. 


If you want to enjoy the native benefits of Jade, you may want to buy an item of this crystal stone in China. Buying jade stones in other countries is also integrated with other forms of bonuses. 

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What Is Jade Meaning, Uses, and Healing Properties Explained