What are pink sapphires? Consider the meaning and facts about pink sapphire jewelry before making your next purchase.

There’s no denying that pink sapphire jewelry is stunning but do you know much more about it than that? The truth is, there are so many cool facts about sapphires that this post is going to educate you all about it. Now when you go to your jewelry box, you can wear your jewelry piece with confidence and know that you’re educated to share some fun and interesting information with others as well.

What is pink sapphire jewelry? Meaning and Facts You Should Know

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Is pink sapphire a precious stone?

Pink Sapphire is a rare stone, but not as rare as some of the others. You’ll see this in a lot of rings and necklaces and some people choose pink sapphire overall jewelry, etc. because it’s more affordable but still gives that “wow” factor that they’re looking for.

What do pink sapphires symbolize?

They actually mean a lot of different things but the main one that tends to stand out and be referenced quite a lot is that the pink sapphire symbolizes compassion and love. It just makes sense with the stone being pink. It just gives it a light, feminine look that is in line with the colors of pink or red that are always associated with love.

How rare are pink sapphires?

They are actually very rare and if you happen to own one, you’ve got a stone that a lot of people don’t. Depending on the cut and size of the stone, it can be in the hundreds of dollars as far as affordability goes but the larger the stone, it will increase in price quickly.

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How can you tell a pink sapphire?

Many people are fooled into buying stones that aren’t actually what they claim they are. To not have this issue, you need to test and see if the sapphire is actually a sapphire or not. In a pinch, the fog test will do. This is where you take the sapphire, hold it up to your mouth and breathe on it and cover it with fog. If the fog remains for several seconds, you should put the stone down and walk away because more than likely, it’s not real.

Do pink sapphires fade?

Typically, no. There are some colors of sapphires that are more prone to feeding but pink usually isn’t one of them. If you are worried about it fading just make certain that you’re taking good care of it and storing it properly when not in use.

If you’ve read this far, then you know more probably than you ever thought you’d know about pink sapphire jewelry. And that’s good news. But there are still a few more fun facts to share with you!

How do you clean pink sapphires?

Cleaning the pink sapphire is simple and doesn’t take much time at all. All you need is a little bit of warm water, some soap, and a soft toothbrush and you can scrub on it and make it shine in no time at all!

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How can you tell the difference between a pink diamond and a pink sapphire?

This is actually tricky! If you’re comparing the two, just know that pink sapphires will be a wide range of pinks while typically the pink diamond is going to be one shade which is usually a paler shade of the color pink.

Do sapphires sparkle like diamonds?

They actually don’t. Their setup is not like a diamond so your pink sapphire jewelry isn’t going to have that same sparkle and shine. Keeping it clean and clear of dust and grime is going to make it look bright and beautiful but it won’t sparkle in the sunlight in the same way that a diamond does.

Can you chip a sapphire?

It’s possible but probably not likely. They’re a tough stone so you can wear them a lot without worry. The surface might end up with scratches but those can always be buffed out by a professional if it gets to that point.

Pink sapphire jewelry is a beautiful piece of jewelry to own and have because it’s unique and certain to catch the eye. And since it’s quite durable and easy to clean, this is one stone that you can wear in your everyday life without fear or worry of harming it!


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