Wondering “what is white gold?” The popularity of this precious metal has grown over the years. Find out some facts before your next jewelry purchase.

What is White Gold Jewelry? Meaning And Facts You Need To Know
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Are you a fan of white gold jewelry? If so, you’re going to love reading this post and learning more about it. And if you’re unfamiliar about white gold jewelry, be prepared to get educated about the things that you maybe didn’t know. Here are some facts you need to know! Some affiliate links used below.

What is White Gold Jewelry? Meaning And Facts You Need To Know

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What is white gold jewelry?

Like the name implies, white gold jewelry is literally made up of gold and white metals that give it a “white” colored tone and look. It’s not pure gold since it has other metals that are mixed to create it.

Which is better white gold or sterling silver?

Most people would agree that white gold is going to be the better choice because it tends to be a bit tougher of a metal. This is good when you’re using it for jewelry or other items when there might be some wear and tear.

What is the difference between white gold and silver?

The biggest difference between the two is that white gold is actually mixed with real gold while silver isn’t. White gold is also going to be more expensive than silver as well.

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Is Platinum better than white gold?

This is totally up to choice. Many people will choose white gold over platinum simply because it’s a more cost-effective choice that they can afford.

Can you wear white gold in the shower?

You sure can! This is one of the reasons that it’s a popular metal of choice. Just like all metals though you do have to be aware that the more you wear it and put wear and tear and stress on it, there’s a good chance that over time, it’s going to possibly dull and might even lose some of the shine.

This is going to be on your part to determine if you’re worried about that or not but this is the main reason that many people will remove their white gold jewelry before they get into the shower.

What can damage white gold?

Believe it or not, chlorine is going to be one of the biggest issues that you need to worry about when trying to protect your white gold. This means that when you go swimming in a chlorinated pool, you do need to remove your white gold jewelry before swimming.

It’s not going to hurt it immediately, but over time, it will take away it’s shine and can even start to break it down. The more that you remember to remove it before hopping in the pool, the less harm you’re going to be doing to it over time.

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Does toothpaste clean white gold?

Toothpaste is actually a great cleaner for a lot of jewelry! It’s not just for your teeth anymore! And when it comes to using it on your jewelry, just know that a little bit really does go a long way.

Simply squirt a small amount of toothpaste on a toothbrush and slowly scrub on the white gold jewelry that you’re wanting to clean. With just a little bit of effort, you can have it looking clean and new in no time at all.

Does white gold scratch easy?

It’s actually a tougher metal than most so as long as you’re mindful and careful, you shouldn’t have to worry about getting it scratched too easily. If you are worried about it, just remove your jewelry before doing anything that could scratch it and that will take care of the issue.

Does vinegar damage white gold?

Some people use vinegar to clean their jewelry but leaving vinegar on it for long periods of time isn’t good for this type of gold. Using warm water and soap is an effective way to clean white gold as well.

Now that you know all about white gold, it’s time to decide if you’re going to add more white gold jewelry to your wardrobe at home or change it out for another type of metal. Educating yourself is the best way to get prepared for the type of jewelry and metal that you want to wear.

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What is White Gold Jewelry_ Meaning and Facts You Need To Know #whitegoldjewelry #whitegold #goldjewelry #whitegoldjewellery #jewelry